Utility for validating PBR Albedo and metal reflectance ranges

This is a small rebuild and fix from the Allegorithmic teams original validate tool that works in the 2018 versions of Substance Alchemist but not in the 2019 version.

Albedo Mode: checks dark ranges in the diffuse reflected color
Albedo Dark Range Threshold:
No dark values below 30 sRGB
No dark values below 50 sRGB

Metal Mode: Checks the specular range for the metal reflectance value
Metal Reflectance Range:
155-255 sRGB (60-100% reflective)
180-255 sRGB (70-100% reflective)

Combined Mode:
Shows both the albedo and metal data.

Overlay Map:
Will Show the the validation area over the Albedo/Metallic data'


-In 2019.1.2 Sesame there is somtimes a big that doesn't activate the filter, simply hit Reload and it should work.

-the overlay resolution is 256 to help with performance, so keep in mind for higher resotion substances, it isn't pixel to pixel perfect.

Uploaded: 10 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Version: 1
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