Koi Fish Scales



Procedurally generated Koi fish scales.
Still a WIP

Uploaded: almost 6 years ago
Updated: over 5 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Koi_Fish_Scales.rar
Size: 17.5 KB


almost 6 years ago

This is a really original idea and it doesn't look bad to me. I don't know why it got 2-starred. IMO it's pretty nice.

It does look like you rendered it a very low resolution though.

almost 6 years ago

Thanks, I'm still working on the scale detail, and the pearlecent shine on the white scales.

almost 6 years ago

Is this a normal or smart material, looks great.

almost 6 years ago

@jaws3497 I'm still working on the material so I have not exposed any parameters yet, but when it's done you will be able to change the colors, the size and shape of the different colors, the normal intensity, and the scale tip damage amount.

over 5 years ago

Hi, I came across your creation through google search and wanted to inquire if there is a way I could download a high resolution image of it? Thanks

over 5 years ago

Hi - is there another way I can contact you re: downloading an image of this?

over 4 years ago

Thank you ever so kindly. :3

about 3 years ago

is there any update on this material? would like to get control of the colours

about 3 years ago