A fun substance I did for one of the monthly Dinusty challenges.
It includes multiple parameters that controls the meltiness, the flavor, and more.
The waffle cone material will also be available later.

Uploaded: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 months ago
Version: 1
File Name: IceCreamGen_2020.sbsar
Size: 46 KB


3 months ago

wonderfull job

3 months ago

Thanks, Glad you like it!

about 2 months ago

Should i import it as a generator ??

about 1 month ago

Hey Omar,
This should be imported as a full material, not a generator. Sorry for the confusion.

15 days ago

Cedric, thank you for the wonderful and creative material! Would it be possible to coax you into releasing the full SBS file for this material (even if via a pay site such as Gumroad)? I'd like to pull out or separate the ice cream from the topping so I can custom paint on some of the drizzle effects using an alpha mask as well as a few other customizations to the graph. Can't wait to see the waffle cone - this is amazing work!