This shader is made for Source Engine game model.
It work same as Source Engine mostly .
I had tested it on game like CSGO , Insurgency ,SFM(:D)
helping to make custom model or mod easily!

This is a complex shader which can use all the same command as vmt file.

how to use :
1.put files into *\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf
2.startboot Substance Painter template : "Source Phong (shelf)"

if you find bugs , you can tell in Steam :
MineClever, aka Bandit 悍匪

note: CS:GO Mode will change some shader behavior to newer version Source Engine (mostly known as CSGO)

note:If you switch CSGO mode off,Shader will work like SourceSDK 2013

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Updated: about 2 months ago
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3 days ago

Thats nice !
If only there was a Skyrim Nif shader support also.