Parameter Control Categories :
- Base Texture
- Cuts
- Edge Detail
- Ribbing Position Select
- Ribbing
- Normal and Height
- HSL Tweaking
- Seasonal Changes and Age


This is my submission for the material challenge. I hope you guys enjoy it, any feedback/critique is more than welcome.


(Intended to be viewed at 2048. A value of 0.9 was used for the height scale)

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over 4 years ago

Thanks :) Really enjoyed looking at your submission.

over 4 years ago

Very nice indeed but I think it should have some sliders so that when you want to create multiple objects, they would all look different.

over 4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. Keep an eye out for an update :)

over 4 years ago

Very realistic :D

over 4 years ago

really nice material. Thank you :)

over 2 years ago

thanks you so much

almost 2 years ago


over 1 year ago


about 1 year ago

Thank you this was great !

about 1 year ago

Thanks! It's exactly what I was searching for :)

about 1 year ago


9 months ago

Thanks Great Material very useful ;)

7 months ago