Reptile scales with various parameters such as:
-An alternative type of skin to blend with it
-Alternative and adjustable color scheme
-Control the warp of the skin surface
-Finer control over the scales tone and pattern

Uploaded: over 5 years ago
Updated: over 5 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: ScalesGraph.7z
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over 5 years ago

whoa nice

over 5 years ago

Really nice!

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over 5 years ago

Thanks! Uploaded a new version with some other scales blended in and many more parameters exposed this time.

over 4 years ago

Awesome !
Thanks guys. This is what makes the community great and grows the group of users.

about 4 years ago

Thanks so much!

almost 4 years ago

Thank you

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Thank you!

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Really nice!

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Thanks man, awsome

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Incredible! Than you!