Peel back away all the layers in a standard urban wall. You can put in your own bit mask and it will completely adjust everything from the insulation holes to the wall paper peels accordingly.

Please feel free to comment. I did actually end up removing some of the micro detials to keep it rendering fast. I recomend tweaking in 1024 at most then go to 2 or 4k when you like the shapes. When I do that it takes less than 1-2 seconds to recalculate even when changing the custom mask (which makes every material recalculate) I have a GTX 970 and Skylake I-7.

UPDATE: added back in a lot more detail to areas. not quite as fast to process, but the paper and plaster especially have a lot more realistic detail. Also added in my development notes to show more of my though process.

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Updated: almost 5 years ago
Version: 5
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almost 5 years ago

This is awesome!! nice!

almost 5 years ago

Wow, can't wait to open this up and learn from it! thanks

almost 5 years ago

Thanks guys, feel free to give it a rating too. :)

almost 5 years ago

Really cool! This would work well for stylized rendering (a la team fortress?) A lot of love went into this one i think :D

almost 5 years ago

If this isn't a winner, I don't know what is! (Throws broken plaster pieces in a jealous tantrum rage!)

almost 5 years ago

Good job!

almost 5 years ago

Really love how much depth you got into this. Seriously good.

almost 5 years ago

Sorry I am only getting the pipes and a black wall. would love to check this out in its full glory.

almost 5 years ago

Ok there was a bug with the thickness. If you put the thickness of the pipes to 0 then it messed up the height map blending and covered everything in the pipe material. I fixed it in the pending update, but if you make your pipe thickness more than 0.01 and use the "Quantity" slider to make 0 pipes it should work even in the current one.

almost 5 years ago

I'm new to how do you get that depth when I put the material on a surface in UE4 it just looks flat and doesn't have that appearance of being 3D.

almost 5 years ago

There are 2 ways. Bump offset or displacement. Bump offset is better for performance, nut it only stretches the texture over itself, so it will look 3d when looking right at it, but from the parallel sides the illusion falls apart. Displacement will push and pull the vertices in 3d space making it truly 3d, buuuut it can't do anything if there aren't any verts, so if you were to apply it to a plane you would need to subdivide it many times (or use "tessellation" in the shader settings, which basically does the same thing). Here is a tutorial for displacement in UE4:

almost 5 years ago

Thank you Zacvrono but how did you do it? I am trying but sucking it up lol its coming out odd looking

almost 5 years ago

How did I do what? the displacement effect to make it 3d? I actually just used substance designer not UE4, but it should work the same if you follow that tutorial. make sure to use the height map like he does. If i remember correctly you might have to change the shader type to allow a displacement input and enable tessellation. He shows it in the tutorials about 50 seconds in. That might be the problem. Sorry hard to tell what the problem is without seeing pictures :S

almost 5 years ago

So sick! Amazing work!

almost 5 years ago

hey i'm new in Substance and don't understand how you did it !? can you explain ? did you used another software ? send me message on

over 4 years ago


over 4 years ago

Thanks Dude. Checked out your tutorial on Youtube. Well awesome. Good Job!!!

almost 4 years ago

One of the cooler materials I've seen on here and that's saying an awful lot. Well done to you.

over 3 years ago

This is soooo goodddd

almost 2 years ago

Very good job ! Thanks

over 1 year ago

Great work, i like customizable stuff like this, thanks for sharing

about 1 year ago

Thanks man.

12 months ago

Your choice of wall paper is disgusting! lol Substance work looks amazing tho. Folding paper effect looks so interesting im going to have to download and check it out

11 months ago

te como el pito

8 months ago

Thank you very much!

7 months ago