A tileable retro-futuristic wall of some ancient advanced civilisation.

There are a lot of customisation options, so the nodes are quite "dense". But there is already a lot of exposed parameters to play with (all example pictures have been made only by tweaking the exposed parameters).

I won't list all options here, but among others, you can change the look of the pyramids and the aspect of the plates ; add lights, grunge and wearing ; change the colors, the size of tiles,... and a new pattern is generated by random seed.

I tested the substance on some configs and it seems to work properly. If you see some bug or some strange behavior, please send me a message and I will try to troubleshoot it.

I hope you will like playing with it !

Uploaded: almost 4 years ago
Updated: over 3 years ago
Version: 2
File Name: Pyramids_Wall_-_v02.zip
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almost 4 years ago

whoa dang that looks pretty awesome!

almost 4 years ago

Fine art !!!!

almost 4 years ago

This is really cool. Nice renders!

almost 4 years ago

This is one of those rare gems. Amazing work :)

almost 4 years ago

Can't believe its all procedural. Amazing!

almost 4 years ago

Thank you guys for your comments and support !
@nlongchamps and @Janine-Smith : I love your submissions !

almost 4 years ago

Really cool :-)

almost 4 years ago

Wow, Really nice work, that's amazing :)

almost 4 years ago


over 3 years ago

Yeah ! Congrats !!!!

over 3 years ago

great job!

over 3 years ago

how do you render this, is their a setup video?

over 3 years ago

@chaotic.atmospheres Did you render this in Substance Iray? And how did you get the height to work properly with the Substance Designer Custom Geometry?

over 3 years ago

wow, how cool is that!

over 3 years ago

A new kind of art form is born.

about 3 years ago

It look flat in my substance designer. How did you render those awesome image ?

almost 3 years ago

Really awesome work, thanks for sharing! <3

over 2 years ago

Crazy Slik !

almost 2 years ago

This is amazing!

over 1 year ago

i may be pretty late to the game but if this had a tutorial on how to achieve each screenshot id pay good money! haha

about 1 year ago

Fantastic !

11 months ago


10 months ago

nic art, really so good.

4 months ago

Really great material, genius creativity