Filter for Substance Painter.
Allow to copy/remap a channel into an other one. See the included readme to know how to install and setup the filter.

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almost 5 years ago

Thanks a lot!!

almost 5 years ago


over 4 years ago

Hi Froyok ! I'm curios, How did you do to put Ambientocclusion as an input material and not Mesh data in your graph ! I Tried to do the same as your filter but it's not working! BTW it's really useful man thx for your nice filter job!

over 4 years ago

@olivier.sayer : Check the documentation, both of these use a different identifier.

over 4 years ago

Thanks! This is very useful!

about 3 years ago

Hi. Any chance you can share Designer file or just add User0, User1, etc? I use custom user channels currently and mapping channels to user0 and user1 would be very useful.

almost 2 years ago