This is an elvish stone floor.

You will have tons of control with the layout of the trims, 3 types of moss, 4 types of metal.

This material is for the Substance Material Contest
All nodes are procedural, no bitmaps.

To get the results, the material is not so easy on GPU/CPU, so it takes a bit to update the changes. Please be patient!


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Updated: almost 4 years ago
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almost 4 years ago


almost 4 years ago

The graph is not of the best optimization and organization. But the look of the material is amazing.
Nice job!


almost 4 years ago

Indeed, before the contest finishes, I will organize all the graph so people don't get lost.

almost 4 years ago

Nice work

almost 4 years ago

Your leaf map is very elegant as well, I was breaking my brains with a similar set-up. Some very smart blending you have there. Thanks for sharing!

almost 4 years ago

Very nice looking

almost 4 years ago

The best worn stone I've seen in a substance. Amazing work.

almost 4 years ago

How the fuck create something like this with no bitmaps = _=

over 2 years ago


over 2 years ago

Wooow this is amazingly creative, thanks a lot. I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park yo.

almost 2 years ago

crash when export in 4K even with Tdrdelay modify in regedit

over 1 year ago

How do you the gold/metal fills between the stones?
I am using Redshift in Cinema 4d.

6 months ago

Nice texture thanks

4 months ago

Very nice.