Dark Stone Tiles

Käy Vriend


This material is inspired by Destiny, specifically the Hive areas on the moon.

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Updated: almost 5 years ago
Version: 1
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over 5 years ago

I know your following a Substance discussion thread over on the iClone forums that I started. I really like the Substances you make, but iClone is tempermental with them. It seems iClone needs the "base" texture mapped to the "diffuse" output. Not sure if I got that right, as I am not a Substance Designer user. That's what another iClone user noted, and was able to get working.

Here is his reference to it:

I wish there was a forum here, as this iClone issue shows up with every Substance I've tried downloading from this site.

Thanks! Rampa

over 5 years ago

If something is made for Physically Based Rendering, it will use the Albedo slot for the colour map. If you want to use a PBR material in a non-pbr engine, you'll need to adjust the textures, and the result will not be the same.

If iClone *does* have a PBR engine, they need to read the colourmap from the Albedo, and you should request they change this.

over 5 years ago

To make matters more confusing for everone: This slot is called 'Base Color' in Substance, haha. Base Color and Albedo are the same. 'Diffuse' is a name generally used for older rendering technology.

over 5 years ago

The guys on the substance forums are usually quite fast with replying, maybe they can shed some more light on this :).


over 2 years ago


about 2 years ago

Very good job ! Thanks

almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the texture

over 1 year ago

thanks dude... cheers

over 1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words guys!