This is a Sand material, suitable for rendering and realtime applications. It got parameters to adjust the shape of the waves, different wind directions (primary and secondary), as well as some other fancy things (like an additional normal output for realtime apps).

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over 4 years ago

thank you

over 4 years ago

Nice material. What does the Secondary wind direction parameter do? I can't see any effect when I adjust it.

over 4 years ago

@greghughes If I remember correctly the secondary wind direction is a very subtle effect. Cranking it up above the slider Value gives you a better representation (around 5 to 10 I guess). The idea was to have the primary wind which actually forms the slopes and the secondary (think of it as current/short time influence) which kind of softens or breaks the slopes slightly.

If you are on openGL make sure you enable the realtime normals, as they will give you a way better slope depth.

about 2 years ago


Not sure what dots you are referring to.. The stones? Or are there any visual artifacts that do not seem intentional?

In case you are talking about the stones, you can disable those.

Also remember that this material was created and last updated more than 3 years ago and might not make the best use of the current technology available in Substance Designer.

I hope I was able to answer your question.

about 2 years ago

Why the heck did you add those terrible looking spots in the sand? This substance would be way better without them.

10 months ago

amazing one, i used it