A 100% procedural material based on Rio de Janeiro's famous sidewalk. Multiple patterns included, 2 pavement colors, allows for a custom pattern input. Sand, dirt, debris and damage controllers.

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Updated: almost 5 years ago
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almost 5 years ago

Great work! The sand in between the tiles look great too.

almost 5 years ago

The whole material is beautiful. Investigating the graph, the way you solve the São Paulo pattern is awesome! Did you do it proceduraly for the added challenge or really because the operations popped easier on your head like that?

The dirt seemed a bit more saturated than I would think. Maybe because here in Curitiba the rain frequently washes the pebbles - those sidewalks are shaped like pine nuts here.

Thanks for the share. Graph was very educational - I learned I'm scrub :P.

almost 5 years ago


almost 5 years ago

I like how you got the flow of the tiles to work with design. Its a good technique for mosaics and stained glass.

almost 5 years ago

Thanks guys!
The São Paulo pattern is easy to figure out after you've seen how they do it with two-colored tiles (instead of mosaic). All I did was creating the shapes and arranging them :)
The Curitiba pattern is pretty interesting and seems possible to recreate. I've been there but for some reason didn't think of it while creating this substance. After the contest is over I might edit it to include new ones!

over 3 years ago

Bruno, this material is "fantástico cara!". Greetings from Portugal, we have exactly the same pavement and similar patterns here... though with less sand most of the times. Great work!

over 3 years ago

@JQL Obrigado :)

almost 2 years ago

Very good job

over 1 year ago

Dude this is freaking dope!

9 months ago

Thanks very much!