Tiles wall for contest

Uploaded: almost 5 years ago
Updated: almost 5 years ago
Version: 1
File Name: CeramicTile.zip
Size: 1.87 MB


about 4 years ago

Really nice material, but I cant make this work, when I sent to Designer Painter, the base/normal map get some kind of opacity/transparency, I add a new layer and fill with some color, then all the bricks got same color. When I open on bitmap2material, the base color map show with transparency inside the bricks and the edge have the color =/ Im not smart to use this material, need a tutorial, but thanks for the free mat :).

over 3 years ago

Very expensive but looks nice.

over 3 years ago

thx a lot

over 3 years ago

freezes SP when I try to import.

over 3 years ago

It does finally load, but very slow. But very good detail, worth the wait.

over 3 years ago

This material looks good!! 0_0
But very slow. T-T

almost 3 years ago

amazing material, really looks so good, real!!!... :( but load so slow, and is sad because I have to rescale

over 2 years ago

Way too expensive.. Cannot even load it. Looks good tho.

over 2 years ago

It's crashed my pc lol

almost 2 years ago

It crashed my Substance Painter and my GPU. I'm not happy with this at all.

almost 2 years ago

it also crashed my substance painter...

over 1 year ago

This is too heavy.
Just putting it in the library seems to crash.

10 months ago


5 months ago

it crashed my GPU and painter.