Cookie material for all your cookie-cooking needs. Has an option to use world space normals to remove choc chips and large cracks on the base of the cookie, and various other options.
I submitted some images of the material on a basic disc-shaped mesh as well as the sphere and plane to demonstrate an actual use of it. Love the new Iray renderer!

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Updated: almost 4 years ago
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over 4 years ago

nice! I like seeing applications that you wouldn't expect but something we all can identify with.... it just makes you think of even more uses.

over 4 years ago

That material looks delicious!

over 4 years ago

COOKIE!!!! .. need a food 3d printer to go with this LOL

over 4 years ago

Haha.. cookie monster incoming here.. Anyways cool stuff man.

about 4 years ago

Miam ! :)

almost 4 years ago

wow, looks great but I can not understand how chocolate chips and chunks keep those edges, having been in an oven at 350 degrees.

almost 4 years ago

Wow !! we need more material from you :D

almost 4 years ago

Thanks for the support guys! (and for the staff pick!)

almost 4 years ago

Hooo ! Nice !!

over 3 years ago

Need a level where everything has this material and your goal is to eat the level :D

over 3 years ago

Irresistible!!! Thanks

over 3 years ago

thanks for sharing~!

over 1 year ago

I love that texture... thank you

10 months ago

Thank you very very much!

9 months ago

Thanks alot

7 months ago

how can i open it ???

3 months ago