Everything was made without any bitmaps or even svg's, only Substance Designer.
I tried to make this material as versatile as possible -- you can toggle multiple things:
-Corner Pieces (updated)
-Overall Dirtiness
-Crack Dirtiness
-Heavy Dirtiness
-Low Cost Dirt (the high quality one is really cpu expensive)
-Poster On/Off
-Nails On/Off

If you dive into the graph you can even adjust the location of the two big dirt blobs.
Its a relatively big graph as I wanted to inculde many details. (This is a cartoony asset, but even cartoons have details -- realistic details that got abstracted)

Side Node: I am an amateur and just learned SD, so please don´t be too harsh with your comments-- but constructive critisism is warmly welcomed :)

I hope someone finds this useful !

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Version: 2
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over 5 years ago

Update 1.1 -- You can now deactivate the corner pieces ;)

over 5 years ago

Can somebody who rated my substance low give me advice or tell me what they particulary disliked about this substance ?

almost 4 years ago

Hi! Nice work! But how come I still can see the poster even if I turned it off? (It disappears when I turn the height map off, but I'd rather keep that map...).
Thanks for this material :)