This is a random procedurally generated hexagon map. The design is based on a classic Dungeons & Dragons overworld map with terrain and river. Every tile corresponds to a specific biome type and the river is mostly following the borders of the tiles. E.G. the idea behind this is that in a RPG or Pen & Paper game moving from tile to tile takes significantly longer when moving from a swamp or over the river.

There are currently 5 biome types:
and the river

There are no bitmaps used, everything is randomly generated. As of now only the frequency of the biome types can be manipulated via parameters.

The concept can be improved with more biomes like snow, desert etc. or a better (not so random) distribution of the types.

Let me know what you think of it.

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Updated: about 5 years ago
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about 5 years ago

This is wonderful, and a smart use of SD! Would it fit better in the stylized category?

about 5 years ago

I switched the category. Thanks!

about 5 years ago


about 5 years ago

so perfect! muy bien! ;)

about 5 years ago

This is so cool!

about 5 years ago

Really neat! Is there a way to have it just landscape, without tiles?

over 4 years ago

This is way cool!!!

almost 4 years ago

Are the terrain types stored in the final FBX file?

over 3 years ago


about 3 years ago

This is ludicrously cool! It's an awesome way to use Substance.

about 3 years ago

Awesome! Thank you

almost 3 years ago

Awesome, love this so much.

over 1 year ago