This substance is a collection of graphs which comprise a tool set for creating a vast number of stylized stone wall and floor textures. The texture is also capable of being applied to various individual stone assets in a program like substance painter.

While this substance contains the procedural stone wall graph which will generate the primary texture, I have also included the individual stone generator graph which will allow users to create many varieties of stone forms for use in stylized and realistic textures.

Plenty of sliders and controls are included in both of the primary graphs. Above is a screenshot detailing the color, form distortion, and emissive controls.

The vast range of variability in this procedural material allow for creation of textures from various biomes such as:

- Desert
- Hellscape
- Fantasy Cave
- Volcanic Rock
- and many many more

Also included are a couple of alternate form warping tools within the substance, but there are several inputs to attach your own as well.

If you have any questions about this substance, please email me at:

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over 5 years ago

This one is great. ! thanks!

over 2 years ago

Totally perfect for me. Thanks!