Converts a height field to normal map using a Sobel Filter.
It gives a better quality/smoother result than the legacy normal map filter in Substance Designer.

Uploaded: over 4 years ago
Updated: about 4 years ago
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over 4 years ago

Hello Nicolas, I've added the sbs and sbsar files at the resources folder of Substance Designer and when I plug a height map to the Normal (Sobel) filter I just get a flat normal (just blue colour) and if I change it to OpenGL it crashes :s I'm using the 5.2 version.

over 4 years ago

I can confirm kone's result.

over 4 years ago

Can You update to the last 5.2.5 version and retry?
We fixed bugs in the engine related to functions this filter uses.

over 4 years ago

I have a different issue that may be related. On 5.2.5, and while it displays correctly in the preview, the output node to any other node is blank. Nothing in RGBA.

over 4 years ago

It works great with 5.2.5!!! Thanks Nicolas

over 4 years ago

Really nice filter. Thanks for making this!

over 3 years ago

is it work on sub painter?

about 2 years ago

I can't get this to work (im using Substance 4.4), the node just imports and shows as transparent checkers when i plug in the height? Thanks in advance

almost 2 years ago

This filter requires at least SD 5.2.5.

2 months ago

"better quality" - no
"smoother"- yes